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Hard Edge

Hip-hop/Rock hybrid featuring Rock Howard's debut as Southtown's rising star

My World (EVO 2015 Hype Song)

This Hype Song just rocked Las Vegas at the 2015 EVO Championship. Download this exclusive...

Next Gen

PS4 vs Xbox One rap battle! GameBreax masterfully captures the excitement of the consoles ...
$1.50 $0.99

Outrun NFS

Jump in your ride and cruise to this smooth anthem. What happens when you mashup the Need ...
$1.50 $0.99


GameBreax explores the character, charisma and powers of Terry Bogard and Ken Masters in t...
$1.50 $0.99


Featured at the EVO Championships 2013, Rumble has electrified the gaming world with its h...
$1.50 $0.99


This stealthy song is based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise and offers a world class dis...
$1.50 $0.99


Featured at the EVO Championships 2014, WAR captivated Las Vegas and the Fighting Game Com...
$1.50 $0.99

Boss Fights

Own this epic Final Fantasy x Final Fight mashup track.
$1.50 $0.99

Castle Mania

This Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Bros. mashup features vocal arrangement and power from SW...
$1.50 $0.99

Death Match

Multiplayer mayhem at its lyrical finest! Death Match is a bold and brash call out to any ...
$1.50 $0.99


The official GameBreakers Anthem. Witness this songwriting masterpiece as GameBreax rhyme ...
$1.50 $0.99

Horror Show

This song displays GameBreax musical prowess as it takes you on nightmarish journey throug...
$1.50 $0.99